Robbie is a musician and sound engineer based in Central Scotland

Previously a member of Y’all is Fantasy Island, Robbie now records and performs as a solo artist. In live shows he performs with an acoustic guitar for company, often with a loop pedal and occassionaly with a little drum machine and piano.

His musical style is based around delicate (and not so delicate) fingerpicking to compliment his sings of doomed love affairs, haunted shipwrecks, roman archaeology and robots.

As a sound engineer, Robbie has produced critically acclaimed albums for ex-YIFI bandmate Adam Stafford, eccentric alternative country collective Sweethearts Of The Prison Rodeo and left-wing, right-on, political folk artist Calum Baird.

Latest Music

“All These Fine Memories” is a single released right in the dying breaths of 2015. You can download it from Bandcamp for whatever price you care to pay, including free.



You can visit a comprehensive list of my available music here.