Album Launch Update

In just over a week, on 5th December, my album “Nobody’s Listening” is going to be officially launched along with Adam Donaldson’s new EP “Lie Of The Year.” I have already announced our planned launch gig at Falkirk’s Behind The Wall, but there has a been a subtle change to the plan.

Unfortunately, I am sad to say that End of Neil is no longer able to perform with us that night. Adam and I were relentless in our search for a suitable replacement (with a suitable beard) and we are happy to announce that Ed Ritchie, AKA Dog on a Swing will be joining us for the evening.

I first heard Ed’s music when I saw him perform at Out Of The Bedroom in Edinburgh recently and his brand of folky, singer-songwritery style music should fit in very nicely with the music of Adam and myself.

You can listen to his music (and buy it!) on Bandcamp.



Come along to the launch night on 5th December at Behind The Wall in Falkirk from 8pm. It’s free entry, but bring your wallet in order to buy some records and some beer.

Posted by Robbie on November 25, 2013