Hmm… the full range of human emotions, all through a blowing car exhaust. Played out over a period of a few weeks.

Denial: “No… my exhaust is not sounding fruitier than normal. It’s just a weird acoustic trick of this road surface.”

Acceptance: “OK – there is definitely a problem. It is getting worse.”

Laziness: “Actually – it’s not so bad yet… I can get away with this for now.”

Acceptance (again): “OK – I can’t live with this. Need to get my personal mechanic to look at it. DAAAAAAAAAAAAD!!!!!!!”

Fear: “Please let it not be the catalytic convertor. Please not the cat!”

Joy: “Yay – it’s not the cat!”

Depression: “Bollocks – the broken bit is permanently attached to the cat.”

Financial dread: “This is going to be expensive.”

Frustration: “Every car part website on the internet sucks balls and won’t give me a straight price.”

Extreme joy: “Finally a price – and way less than I was expecting!”

So now I am sitting, happy about the fact I will have to pay about £100 to fix my car. Cars really mess up your mental wellbeing.

Posted by Robbie on January 7, 2011