Falkirk Official Guide (1951-52)

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Alex Shaw, a friend of mine, found this in a shop in Edinburgh one day and thought of me. I’ve been holding on to it for a couple of years now and I’ve always intended to scan it all in and put it up on the interwebs, but frankly couldn’t be bothered to sit and scan all the pages until now.

It’s a town guide which, I think, was designed to encourage people to invest, live and do business in Falkirk. They are clearly showing off the best the town has to offer, but it all seems so quaint now. I imagine brochures for the Falkirk Wheel will look equally old-timey in another 60 years or so.

My favourite bits include:

  • No-one has a phone number with more than three digits
  • The top Tourist attraction is the Steeple
  • The ad for a V8 Ford car, with a huge 30 horsepower
I might well take it down to the museum one day to see if it is of any interest to them, but I would be surprised if they do not already have a complete collection through the years. I should probably check them out if such a collection exists.
If you would like to download all the pages in one go for your own perusal later, you can grab a .zip file here.
Posted by Robbie on July 30, 2012