Glasgow Gig @ Slouch Rearranged

The launch night gig at Slouch in Glasgow, originally planned for 8th December, has had to be rearranged by the venue. We’re now going to be playing on December 29th instead.¬†Sorry for any inconvenience caused to anyone, or any plans that have been spoiled, but it is out of our hands.

At least now you have an excuse to get out of the house and escape the family just as the Christmas spirit is becoming unbearable!

I know that many of you were planning to buy a lot of copies of my record to give to family and friends for Christmas (ideal gift for Granny), so if you don’t want to wait until the gig you can buy a copy of the CD from my Bandcamp page from 5th December onwards.

Here is the event listing on Facebook, if you like that sort of thing:

Posted by Robbie on November 27, 2013