In tune

I love my guitar tuner. It might be a strange thing to profess love for, but it works so well for me. It’s really accurate, fast and the most convenient tuner I own for most gigs.

But a few weeks back, it broke. More precisely, a little bolt managed to make its way loose and then disappeared. To make things worse, this was not a standard, easily replaceable bolt – it has a specific shape to fit the design of the tuner.

I thought I would just chance my arm and ask the manufacturer TC Electronic if they could sell me the nut – the answer came back no. But I should try their UK service centre Real Electronics. So I did.

And you know what – I got an email right back saying they would send one out. Just like that – no fee, nothing. And it arrived today.

So now my tuner is back together and working perfectly again. Thank you to Real Electronics for enabling my natural and frankly disturbing love for small, white, plastic thing that helps me tune my guitars.


Posted by Robbie on June 19, 2017