Nobody’s Listening

My first full length solo album, recorded after many years of indecision about what to do with the songs. Get a band together? Hire a studio somewhere? Work with other musicians to develop the sound? It turns out that the answer was just to pull my finger out and record with whatever instruments I had lying around the house at the time.

Track Listing

(all songs written by Robbie Lesiuk and Paul Tonner)

  1. Atmospheric Drift
  2. Come Around Again
  3. Fault Lines
  4. Summer Dance
  5. Hey! Slow Repeater
  6. Helpless Little Ghosts
  7. Freeman
  8. Pray For Rain
  9. Good As Gold
  10. Buried
  11. A Day Like Today
  12. Alone, Adrift


I played and recorded everything on the record.


“…accomplished album which gives an insight into an intriguing musical talent…”

The Skinny


You can buy the record right now from Bandcamp, as a digital download or as a physical CD.

It is also available on pretty much all the online stores and streaming sites.