Adam Stafford,Taser Revelations

It’s almost three years since the release of Adam’s last album, but Taser Revelations is now finally out there in the wild. Recorded at Song, By Toads warehouse space, we made good use of the crazy natural reverb in there and ended up making a record that is decidedly pop in places.

Track Listing

(All songs written by Adam Stafford)

  1. Let a Little Love Inside
  2. Phantom Billions
  3. Atheist Money
  4. Black Lung Applications
  5. Railway Trespassers
  6. Taser Revelations (Hold On Children)
  7. Bracelet Dream Of The Shadow
  8. Unknown Swimmers
  9. The Penumbra


I co-produced, engineered and mixed the record as well as playing bass, acoustic guitar, lap steel, keyboards, percussion and other things.


You can buy the album on white vinyl, or CD from the Song, By Toad Bandcamp store.