Sweethearts of The Prison Rodeo, On The Desolate Hillside

The first full length release by The Sweethearts, recorded in the Scottish Highlands (close to a desolate hillside) and available with some beautiful hand crafted packaging and artwork.

Track Listing

(all songs written by D. King, additional poetry by Paul Tonner)

  1. The Weather Report is Grim and Dark
  2.  Solitary Rabbit
  3. Fashionable Buddhas
  4. Hell is Awaiting
  5. Great Trees, Social Bees (World Transforming)
  6. Anomie Encumbrance
  7. Mappin
  8. Break These Chains
  9. Solemn As A Song
  10. On The Desolate Hillside


I produced, engineered and mixed the record. I also played bass, guitar, organ and sang vocal harmonies.


You can purchase the digital download, or a handcrafted physical CD package from Bandcamp: