Sweethearts Of The Prison Rodeo, Pigs In The Bull Ring

Sweethearts Of The Prison Rodeo - Pigs In The Bull Ring (Humans Like Beasts)

To quote the album liner notes, “A concept album of sorts, it explores the intertwining nature of human and animal behaviour through the retelling of stories brought by the fascist ghost of Mussolini.”

Track Listing

(all songs written by D. King)

  1. The Austrian Farmer
  2. Donkey Actor In Makeup
  3. Vulture People
  4. The Cruel Revenge Of Queen Maria
  5. The Insidious Creep
  6. Faithless, Lawless
  7. Love Rat Clown
  8. Amelia’s Song
  9. Womanhood Suffrage
  10. A Young Fascist Girl For The Occasion


I produced, engineered and mixed the record. I also played bass, guitar, keyboards, and percussion.


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