Y’all is Fantasy Island, Rescue Weekend

For all the time I spent playing in Y’all is Fantasy Island, I appear very little on any of the band’s recorded output. Rescue Weekend was originally going to be an Adam Stafford solo record, but eventually morphed into the band’s second LP. By that time I had already left the band.

Track Listing

(all tracks written by Adam Stafford)

  1. The Could’ve Beens Are Always a Curse
  2. Your Life Will End, Gunman Paid
  3. Years of Living Here
  4. Flowers and Flesh
  5. Rescue Weekend
  6. High Hopes, Lost Love and Ruined Lives
  7. Leg Health
  8. Madiston Stance
  9. What a Way To Run A Railroad
  10. Stones, Flesh, Stars & A Truth That The Hand Cannot Touch


I played all the bass, the piano on  1. and guitar solos on  2. and 4.


Listen to ‘Flowers and Flesh’ here:

YIFI’s back catalogue is not available online right now, but check back here for updates should that change.