My website is back up!

I have neglected this website for too long and now it is time to give it a bite more TLC and a bit more content.

When I first set up this website, it was a different time. People were still using the web on computers first and foremost, with nice big screens that were almost certainly landscape in their orientation.

I made a theme for my website. I was quite proud of the fact I did it myself, even if it didn’t look quite as polished and professional as it could, it dd exactly what I wanted it to. Then the internet landscape changed dramatically, and quite frankly who knows what size or shape of screen on which anybody will read this now.

My skills at making stuff for the web rank firmly in ‘enthusiastic amateur’ mode, but I think I have managed to make things work. It’s not finished yet and some of the old posts will probably not work properly, but it’s good enough to be going on with for now.

So apologies for any layout quirks you see and apologies for any broken links, or crazy pages that arise (particularly for image galleries). I’ll fix all of that as I come to it.

Now for the hard part… new and interesting content! To the guitar!


Posted by Robbie on May 12, 2017