North Star Recording Sessions

For the past few weeks, my good friend Adam Donaldson and I have been running an open mic night at North Star in Falkirk on Monday nights. Things have been going pretty good, we have been getting some great local talent to come along and play and we have been pretty successful in encouraging folks to play their own music. Trying to promote original material was one of our aims when setting the night up as opportunities for that sort of think in a town like Falkirk are few and far between.

In an attempt to further encourage people to come along with their own tunes, I have been experimenting with recording the acts. Initial trials have been pretty encouraging and some of the performances have been put up our Soundcloud page:

I have now decided to put the recording machine into full production, so every week I will be offering the service of recording each act’s set. As much as I would love to offer this as a free part of the night, there is a bit of work involved in me editing and mixing the tracks. As a result I have decided to charge £15 per session – for that you get your tracks in whatever format you like (MP3 and WAV by default, other formats and audio CD if needed). If you are trying to get gigs elsewhere, it would be an ideal way to let promotors and venues hear what you can do.

We are only really set up for simple solo acts and duos – by default we have two mics and two instruments available. I can be a bit flexible about what is recorded, but it’s not the kind of night where you can bring your whole band to plug in and play (we like to keep things simple and the change-overs quick). If you have anything out of the ordinary in your act, it’s probably best to get in touch beforehand to make sure a) we can accommodate you and b) I bring the right equipment to record you.

So if you want to get some tracks recorded quickly and cheaply, come along and play our open mic. Come along anyway even if you have no intention of being recorded, or even play. It’s a pretty good night to just chill, enjoy good music, drink some nice beer and eat one of North Star’s excellent pizzas.

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Posted by Robbie on March 31, 2014