Buying a new bicycle seemed like a good idea. I really do need to be fitter and although I lost a good chunk of weight at the start of the year, my efforts at not eating crap have wained a bit over the summer. So when I spotted that Halfords were having a sale, I got myself a new fahrrad.

Of course, it immediately seemed like a bad idea. I understand the burning thigh muscles and breathlessness are a result of my fatness and general out-of-shapeness. That’s OK. What is not OK though, was the extreme pain I felt in my gooch after only riding for a couple of miles. Luckily a new, softer saddle seems to have cured that little problem.

So I then started to really enjoy being on my bike, until I did something that I have not done since I was much younger. I fell off.

While approaching a gate, I noticed there was a little trail to the left, through a little gully – avoiding having to stop and open the gate. I went for it at speed, but then found the gully was a deeper U shape than anticipated. Suddenly I have come to a standstill with a good foot and a half between my feet and the ground. There was a surreal moment that seemed to last forever where I thought to myself, “Oh… I can’t reach the ground. I am going to fall over… oh wait, I am REALLY going to fall over… I am falling off my bike… OH NO! OUCH!”

I managed to topple sideways, then land on my back in a bramble bush. Unpleasant enough, but there was something kind of poke in there too, like a rock or and old metal fencepost. Whatever it was, it tore a hole in my shorts, underwear and my arse. Actually my injury was not too bad, just a nasty scrape, but it did mean I had to cycle home with a large, bloody hole in the seat of my pants.

I also managed to give my coccyx a good crack as I landed, giving me some nice lower back pain since. The was exacerbated a couple of days later, by deciding to go to watch motor racing at Knockhill with my father – standing in a field watching cars all day turns out not to be good therapy for a sore back.

However, all this pain and suffering will be worth it, right? You have to be prepared to make sacrifices if you want to get fit an healthy! Well, after a week of cycling and intimate personal injury, I managed to gain half a pound of weight. Bollocks.

Posted by Robbie on September 7, 2010