Please Lend Your Little Ears To My Pleas

Just spent an interesting weekend recording and then mixing a track for Mr Stafford which will appear on a forthcoming single and then possibly on his forthcoming new album, which we will record the rest of next month. The brief was pretty much ‘make it sound like an old soul record’ which I think I have managed, but we’ll see how the great unwashed take to it.

Most interesting thing from my point of view as an engineer, was the use of a suitcase as a kick drum. Matt Brennan of the wonderful band Zoey Van Goey had the crazy idea of using a suitcase as a drum. He has an even crazier suitcase that he brought along – I am not entirely sure how much of it I am supposed to talk about as it is part of an ongoing project, but when it is revealed to the public it is going to be great.

(photo by @adamwiseblood)

Of course my wonder as an engineer at the fantastic sound of the suitcase led directly to my frustration in mixdown as I treally wanted to make that suitcase-kick as loud as possible to show it off. Four minutes of pure suitcase-kick would have worked well for me, but perhaps not what Adam was looking for.

Anyway, the track is called Please and also features Anna from Maple Leaves on vocals. I am pretty proud of it and excited to see it released on blue vinyl in Canada at some point in the near future. More details on that nearer the time.

Posted by Robbie on September 25, 2012