Sometimes your past comes back to haunt you…

Like back when you were 20 years old and at a convention to investigate UFO activity in your home town, and you turn around to find a news camera in your face, mumble out a few words and it ends up being broadcast.

Which was fine back then, since it would never be seen again. But damn you internet… why did you have to come along and share my embarrassment with the world again?

Fun facts about that particular day…

  • I was not long back from being at Glastonbury that year and as such had probably just had my first proper shower in a about a week. Thankfully I decided to do that before heading out.
  • This was a matter of days before I came down with chicken pox, presumably caught at Glastonbury. Word of advice – don’t get it when you are a grown up. It really sucks.
  • Two friends and I would later fake our own UFO sighting and get on the front page of the local paper. Just a small article with a a few words, but years later we found out from somebody at the paper that our faked photograph would have made the cover had we sent it in a day earlier.
Posted by Robbie on May 17, 2011