Song, by Toad 2013 Sampler

You should listen to and download this free sampler from the ‘Song, by Toad‘ folks. It is chock full of splendid, splendid music, including a track by Adam Stafford recorded by me – an outtake from his new album that we are finishing up for release later this year. The track is called ‘Sound of Fear Evaporating’ and features the sublime Siobhan Wilson singing with Adam.

I am currently super busy music wise finishing up Adam’s record as well as the next Sweethearts LP. I’m also working on an EP from Falkirk singer/songwriter Adam Donaldson and trying desperately to get some of my own music committed to tape also. Except it’s not tape these days, it’s a very long string of numbers.

Hopefully some of these long strings of numbers will soon be up here for your computer to reassemble into sounds for you.

Posted by Robbie on February 4, 2013