Vessels Shifted

Just as the Sweethearts of The Prison Rodeo did, Adam Stafford has made his half of last year’s split EP available for free download. It was originally available as a limited edition orange cassette tape, but has since sold out, so now the digital files are free for you to consume and enjoy.

Adam’s half of the tape is an atmospheric suite of instrumental music, written for the soundtrack of an as-yet unmade film. I engineered the session, which saw Adam build up the bulk of the tunes as a live performance, then I augmented the tracks with some additional guitar and bass.

There’s a post-rock feel, sort of Explosions In The Sky-like with chiming guitars over rhythmic pulses. It’s all quite understated however, and Stafford’s loops climb but always stop short of overblown grandeur  – Peenko

Listen to the track “Temperatures Will Respond” here:

and then download the four-track EP from Wiseblood Industries:

Posted by Robbie on October 22, 2013