What I did in 2013

It has been an interesting, busy and successful year for me, musical if not personally. I brought out an album of my own and three other records recorded and produced by me were also  released. Let’s have a little look back at what happened:

Nobody’s Listening

After a long time of talking about it, I finally got round to recording an album of my own music. I abandoned the original plan of putting together a band to perform it and ended up doing it all by myself, in my house, over a period of a couple of weeks.

Nobody's Listening Cover

Released on 5th December, with a pretty successful launch gig in Falkirk, sales have been better than expected, there has been a bit of radio play and the Manic Pop Thrills blog placed it at number 40 in their list of albums of the year.

Watch the video for the single Freeman:

Buy the CD from Bandcamp, or download mp3s from iTunes or Amazon

 Adam Donaldson – Lie Of The Year

At the same time as I was launching my own album, my friend Adam Donaldson was launching his E.P. Lie of the year. I helped to record the tracks as well as adding a little bit of instrumentation to them.

Lie of The Year Cover

Watch the video for River here:

Buy the CD from Bandcamp, or download from iTunes or Amazon.

Sweethearts of The Prison Rodeo – On The Desolate Hillside

Following up the well received E.P. ‘Welcome’, I produced and engineered the first full length Sweethearts’ record. I also played a variety of instruments to help bring life to D. King’s wonderful words and songs.

On The Desolate Hillside Cover

“SoTPR have released a fascinating debut album”


Watch the video for Solitary Rabbit here:

Buy the CD or download the mp3s from Bandcamp.

Adam Stafford – Imaginary Walls Collapse

Probably the highest profile project I was involved with over the past year, I recorded Adam Stafford’s second album. Released on Edinburgh’s Song By Toad label, it received a high level of critical praise and placed fourth in The Heralds end of year list and was album of the year on Manic Pop Thrills.

imaginary walls collapse

“Sweeps across genres so effortlessly and brilliantly, you wonder why people both to categorise music at all.”

- Gold Flake Paint

“Lyrically vivid, vocally striking and roundly impressive…”

– The List Magazine

“Often incomparable… Armed with a loop pedal, a guitar and a head filled to the brim with eccentric arrangements.”

– The Scotsman

Watch the video for Vanishing Tanks here:

Buy the 12″ Vinyl from Song By Toad, or download the mp3s from iTunes or Amazon.

Next … ?

You will be pleased to know that there are more planned releases from all of these artists in the next twelve months.

Work on the new Sweethearts of The Prison Rodeo record is underway. Although the album will not see the light of day until later in the year due to other commitments, expect a new single (or possibly EP) early in 2014.

I am about to start work with Adam Stafford on his next record. Initial tracking is scheduled for January, but there is no timetable for release at the moment.

As far as my own music goes, I am recording a couple of tracks to release as ‘b-sides’ alongside another single from Nobody’s Listening. It will be out within the month, as soon as I can finish work on the video. I have also begun writing material for the follow up album – for now my loose plan is to release it sometime in May (around my birthday), but we’ll see if I can stick to that.

I also have another couple of projects planned for other people that I really hope I can get around to making. More news on that stuff as and when things start to happen.

So here is to a busy 2014. Busy with recording and hopefully a lot busier with gigs also. Thanks to everyone who bought one of these records, came to a gig, or even just listened to my music online. Making music is a lonely job without an audience and you all make it worthwhile.

See you next year!

Posted by Robbie on December 31, 2013